W12_SAS_Developing 3D WBS for Electric Furnace Rebuild Project

Problem Statement

Detail Project`s WBS had been defined from previous author`s blog, the previous WBS had been developed in accordance flat linier hierarchal process as basic WBS models, this model has some limitation for capturing and tracking WBS elements especially for EF Rebuild project as large scale projects that has multi complex scope, various product deliverable and different location / zone.

In accordance the limitation of these “conservative” WBS models, Jean Yves Moine introduced 3D WBS model as new WBS model that projected 3 types of tree structure   and combined them together to form one cube model that make effective different in the project management fields.

So exploring another WBS models for implementing at EF Rebuild project is very interesting to be learnt, for optimization Project`s decompose result and minimize un-capture projects scope due to in appropriate WBS model`s that to be applied.

Feasible Alternatives.

Following alternatives of WBS models which need to be analyzed further for best WBS model selected in EF rebuild projects.

  1. Linier Hierarchal WBS Model.
  2. Decompose project element into Product Breakdown Structure (PBS), Zone Breakdown Structure (ZBS) & Activity Breakdown Structure (ABS) .
  3. Integrated all “alternatives 2” work break down elements (ZBS, PBS, ABS) into 3D WBS.

Alternative Outcome.

Based on the 3D WBS Theory, Project scopes can be developed into 3D WBS which based on three main dimensions: Products or Function System Breakdown Structure), GBS or ZBS (geographical or functional zones Breakdown Structure) and ABS (Activity Breakdown Structure), all this dimension is connected each other as project scopes mainframe for achieve project`s objectives.

All of this three dimension projects can be integrated in comprehensive 3D models which visualized as figure 1.1 below: (Moine, 2012)


Figure 1.1 – Project Cubes Concept of 3D WBS model.

From figure 1.1 above we can see that each of project dimension (PBS, ZBS, and ABS) is placed on main axis of project cubes (X, Y and X) which describe detail connection among project dimensions.

Selection of the criteria

For develop 3D WBS for EF rebuild, detail Project`s WBS element shall be decomposing in accordance following criteria:

  • Zone Breakdown Structure (ZBS).
  • Product Breakdown Structure (PBS).
  • Activity Breakdown Structure (ZBS).

Analysis and comparison of the alternatives.

A. EF1 Rebuild Project– Zone Breakdown Structure (ZBS).

The term ZBS refer to the tree structure of area, sites or the geographical parts of the project generally.

In accordance these definitions, for EF Rebuild projects ZBS can be classified from EF storey elevation which` s shown at figure 1.2 below:


Figure 1.2 – Electric Furnace Storey.

Refer this classification, EF rebuild ZBS can be summarized according chart 1.1 below:


Chart 1.1 – EF Rebuild ZBS.

B. EF1 Rebuild Project– Product Breakdown Structure (PBS).

The product breakdown structure breaks the project into physical elements, products, systems or sub systems.

In accordance these definitions, for EF Rebuild projects PBS can be classified from EF components which` s shown at figure 1.3 below:

ef components

Figure 1.3 – EF components.

Refer this classification, EF rebuild PBS can be summarized according chart 1.2 below


Chart 1.2 – EF Rebuild PBS.

C. EF1 Rebuild Project– Activity Breakdown Structure (ABS).

Activity Breakdown structure is the hierarchy of activities, phases, and sub-activities.

For EF rebuild projects this activities are linked together to form the processes for generate a product, which shown detail at ABS chart 1.3 below:


Chart 1.2 – EF Rebuild ABS.

D. EF1 Rebuild Project– 3D WBS.

The 3 types of EF rebuild project dimension are mixed together to form dimensional cube where PBS as x-axis, ABS as y-axis and ZBS as z-axis, which shown at 3D WBS at figure 1.4 below.


Figure 1.4 – EF Rebuild 3D WBS.

Selection of the Preferred Alternatives

In accordance Detail 3D WBS decomposition result, shown that many WBS elements at EF Rebuild can be integrated and summarized into comprehensive model which showing all detail information project scopes simultaneously (one shoot information delivery) in one models, as follows:

  • What`s the EF rebuild components.
  • Where`s the EF components to be installed
  • How to install these components

This 3D models is very appropriate as project scopes management baseline which has following main function:

  1. Project planning, Capturing all project scopes earlier (minimize project change order & project`s variation)
  2. Project control and monitoring (well traceability)
  3. Project completion process (testing, commissioning and handover)

Performance Monitoring and The Post Evaluation Result

Although detail project scopes already clear define thorough Project`s 3D WBS, detail communication and coordination with all project stockholder to continuously socialize detail project objectives and keep update every change request that may impact into project objectives.



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2 thoughts on “W12_SAS_Developing 3D WBS for Electric Furnace Rebuild Project

  1. AWESOME Pak Satria!!!! Nice work on this…….

    Is Vale using 3D CADD in your design yet? If yes (and I am pretty sure the answer is YES) then what you should consider doing is writing your W13 blog posting on using the standardized coding structures from Omniclass as the only way to link the Schedule (4D CAD) and the Cost Estimate (5D CAD).

    It will help your career CONSIDERABLY if you can establish yourself as an EXPERT in the area of MARRYING the design (3D) with the Schedule (4D) and Cost Estimate (5D). There are not many people at all with the understanding of these various structures and how important it is to have a standardized coding structure to make it all workable.



    Dr. PDG, Jakarta


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